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Advantages of stainless steel corrugated joint heat exchange tube

Stainless steel corrugated joint heat exchange tube is a new type of high efficiency heat exchange tube.

High heat transfer coefficient

Heat transfer coefficient is an important technical index of heat transfer equipment. Heat transfer enhancement of the bellows tube heat exchanger is through its unique super thin wall bellows tube, bellows tube is a kind of by the size of the arc tangent continuously, the appearance such as corrugated thin-walled tube, the elevation difference between the peaks and troughs make fluid by the strong disturbance, the disturbance from inside and outside tube fluid three-dimensional movement, so the degree of disturbance more intense and thorough, even if the fluid flow rate is very low, also can make it a turbulent state, thin tube wall temperature gradient is small, at the same time greatly reduce wall thermal resistance, improve the tube inside and outside heat transfer coefficient, so that the total heat transfer coefficient increased. Generally for water - water heat transfer can be up to 1500-3500 Kcal / ㎡. H. ℃, steam - water can reach 2500-5000 Kcal / ㎡. H. ℃, the change of thermal efficiency is generally three times than that of shell and tube heat exchanger.

High temperature resistance, can withstand large temperature difference, pressure difference

Although the wall of the corrugated pipe is very thin (0.5-0.8mm), its bearing capacity is greatly improved due to the special free forming process and unique arc shape. The unidirectional failure pressure of the corrugated pipe measured in the laboratory is generally about 20Mpa, and it is safe to control the pressure below 6.4mpa in actual use. The bellows tube heat exchanger is made of stainless steel materials at the same time can adapt high working temperature, up to 450 ℃, and the corrugated pipe is a kind of flexible components, has a certain thermal compensation ability, working condition of work for larger temperature difference, good adaptability, the thermal stress of equipment, a common column tube have obvious advantages.

Strong anti-scaling and descaling function

Scaling, corrosion and blockage of heat exchangers are always difficult problems to solve, especially in the case of poor water quality conditions, poor water treatment effect, and impurities or chemical reactions in the gas medium that are easy to produce scaling substances. The function of light heat exchanger decreases, the working condition deteriorates, the resistance increases, the energy consumption increases, the heavy heat exchanger is blocked and cannot run, so the workload of heat exchanger maintenance, cleaning or renewal increases.

Bellows tube heat exchanger of stainless steel bellows tube, due to high quality of stainless steel materials, corrosion itself, more major is special inside and outside the bellows tube wave and turbulent medium continuously scouring, internal and external surfaces of the heat exchange tube dirt deposited in the surface very hard, even if the scale, the section pipe is a kind of flexible components, wavelengths, in the process of work by the effect of temperature difference, the curvature of the bellows tube parts constantly change, although the deformation curvature change is not very big, but dirt and the linear expansion coefficient of metal bellows tube vary widely, therefore between dirt and bellows tube surface will produce a large force of pulled off, It is enough to make scale fall off to realize automatic cleaning and scale removal, which is especially unmatched by tube and other heat exchangers.

Stress distribution is even and corrosion resistance is strong

As a result, the corrugated tube adopts a unique forming process, namely "free forming" or "soft forming". The process features are: in the process of forming, the deformation is not due to metal flow in the mold of the compulsory, but a free flow or call it "soft" forming process, the process of the forming process because there is no forced deformation, not cause stress concentration, residual stress is small, uniform stress distribution, no defect intergranular, therefore has a strong ability of resistance to stress corrosion.

Long service life and reasonable price

As a result of the wave joint pipe adopted ultra-thin wall stainless steel material, on the one hand to improve the service life of the product, but also greatly reduce the weight of the product, saving materials, but also because of the reduction of the operation and maintenance costs, the reduction of the area occupied, so that the performance of the product than greatly improved, obvious economic benefits.

In addition to the above advantages, Dongyan energy-saving production of corrugated pipe has strong corrosion resistance, longer life, no pitting, cheap price and other advantages.