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    Serpentine pipe series


    Product advantage

    1. Customize length, thickness, and center distance based on the requirements of customers. The base pipe diameter is between 12mm-32mm, wall thickness is between 0.6mm-3.0mm, and wave crest and pitch are designed according to the national standards. 
    2. Strict production process: On-line bright solid solution annealing, off-line bright solid solution annealing, on-line eddy current flaw detection and underwater airtight test. 

    3. Customize U-shaped bare pipe, U-shaped corrugated pipe, U-shaped screwed pipe, serpentine bare pipe, serpentine corrugated pipe, serpentine screwed pipe, etc. according to the requirements of customers.

    Serpentine corrugated pipe

    Serpentine bare pipe



    Serpentine Pipe